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05 June 2009 @ 01:43 am
christian got me a 8gb nano for my birthday.. yay! my old one died. i probably need a 16gb to fill up with the music i would actually listen to and not just songs to show off my collection. oh well. this is good enough. oddly enough, the first thing i listen to is Nsync. it's going to take too long to organize the music from my hard drive. ugh. why can't laptops last for a lifetime??? instead of making us transfer crap hoping the laptop won't die in the middle of the process.

im at the apartment right now. the other three guys are playing their games. another is programming on the main computer. probably fixing some bugs. damn geeks.

i can't stop burping. gots some serious gas problems man. maybe i should prescribe myself some meds.

i saw a surgery video. hm...i liked it. they were reattaching an arm.

i wanna learn the "this i promise you" and "gone" in spanish.
03 June 2009 @ 01:30 am
ive been dreaming about celebrities every night for a couple weeks now. im not too sure what to think of that. i mean, they're all perfect dreams but it kind of sucks not actually being able to experience it. i could've went to the gibson ampitheatre last sunday to check out the MTV movie awards and maybe check out some pretty cool actors/singers there..they needed seat fillers. hehe. anyway, i wonder when this is gonna stop. back to sleep now.
30 March 2009 @ 08:20 pm
i got a gyro ball today. it's a pretty good workout. haha. right now, im listening to "bella's lullaby" from Twilight. It's an addicting song with the piano chords and soothing sound.

im tired and exhausted. my period's been going on still and is still heavy. i can't stand it. like seriously, when is it gonna stop?im going to vegas on april 6th and it's going to be hot. not gonna help at all.

you know what annoys me? christian doesnt have an answer as to why he can talk to strangers online better than in person. he doesnt like going up to people and it's frickin stupid. it's our anniversary today.
18 March 2009 @ 12:01 am
Emily and Justin's thoughts of getting married within 2011-2013 still bothers. I told her, after she told me she found her dress, that it might be too early for her think about marriage. They're too young. Way too young...you know what she responded with? "I thought you didn't want to get married." That doesn't answer my questions. What does my decision to stay single until maybe I'm a lot older...late 20's, 30's have to do with her decision to go out and buy wedding bands. What's the damn rush? It's ok to be together for 14 years before getting married. She might still need time to get to know Justin more. Maybe they wanted to have something to tell the family during the wedding week in New York. All friends have frowned upon the pre-proposal. That's right..no proposal yet. Just a damn promise that probably won't be kept. I'm being harsh and I know. But being the maid of honor,...I'd probably have to come out with the truth and with what everyone else is thinking.

I know Christian wants to marry me. I'll be putting that off for a long while.
I want a simple silver ring to put my finger so we went out to find one. The lady thought we were looking for wedding bands so she showed us those. They looked pretty good. Kind of expensive so we didn't get it. I don't mind getting the wedding bands. The meaning of those would probably come up later...way later.

I'm watching Rent Live on Broadway. Can't believe they closed it down in New York. I was lucky enough to have seen it from the Mezz seating. Anthony Rapp and Adam Pascal...the two original leads. But I don't believe in a lead role in this musical. Maybe Mark can be the motor character. He is the one who would survive of all of them.

I finished Anthony Rapp's memoir for the whateverth time. It's a great one. Surprised it was being sold at the Rent merch table. Not sure why I was surprised. It's Anthony fuckin' Rapp.
25 February 2009 @ 11:42 pm
so i didnt bother finishing that last post. i barely remember if i lock my car or not. sometimes i feel i lose memory so easily that i feel dumb. im at the team 50 apartment right now and all roommates are playing street fighter 4 including christian. i spent the day cleaning up the apartment which isn't mine, ate a lot, and played ddr; so sweaty and icky.

so this situation with emily. im not quite sure if i want to be her friend. i dont want to be friends with anybody who don't put in their effort. if you gotta try to gain trust, there's no point in a friendship right? you'd be wasting your time when you could totally be trusting someone else and enjoying your time. she hates brunswick, doesnt like the pool because itll ruin her hair, goes to a different school, and all these things it's just driving me crazy. i dont like being cooped up yet she still invites me over to her house. i want to get OUT. i want to explore nature...step on leaves, get dirt in my eyes from the winds. anything. i dont even like jusitn anymore. why should she worry about me liking him. it probably happened once but yenno..it wont happen again. justin's the type of guy who doesn't know what to do in life and is currently looking at the navy. i dont know if i want to try to be friends with emily. we've grown apart. such a complicated person.

in school: i dropped my zoology class because i didnt need it. i just need to take anatomy, physiology, and microbiology as prereq's and i'll be getting into the nursing program. it's a 2 year wait. i kinda wan tto see what its like living in canada so i might do my internship there. :P
so my plan: LVN --->RN---->nurse practitioner. i wanna get a BSN. gonna hate the transfer process though. ugh.

i have a lot to get off my chest. but i want Aeros first.

blue man group made me happy. wish they aren't what they are right now. kinda failing in certain parts of the company. founders dont even say hi anymore. i mean what the hell. i kept in touch with phil for a while but he had a kid. hope they're all doing ok.

i actually fell asleep before midnight. first time in like 2 years!
05 July 2008 @ 01:23 am
My sister took forever to close up at the dialysis clinic but it gave me time to run some errands and to pour coolant into my car and check my tires. She also made me get her food and rent some movies and bathe her children and such. She got to my house at 7. My mom and I didn't get to leave until 8 because we still needed to put things into the car, put the kids in my sister's car and for Christian to get picked up. We finally were on the way but I got the munchies and stopped by In-N-Out. I got fries and a bottle of milk. I was only able to drive a little past Anaheim until I got drowsy. My mom drove up to Vegas the rest of the way stopping once to go pee. Arrived in Vegas at around 1am. There werent anymore rooms in Bally's north tower that had non-smoking two queen beds. So they gave us a rather new smoking suite with a king size bed. They gave us that then we had to change rooms. The whole weekend was free including the late check-out. :D We wanted to stay another night but they were totally sold out due to a convention. That hotel has the worst floor plan I've seen yet. I mean, it took me more than 7 minutes to get to the parking garage. At the Luxor and Venetian, it takes me just a few minutes. Anyway, I hung out downstairs for a couple hours then went upstairs to start getting ready for bed. Fell asleep at around 4 or 5, watching Burn Notice or something like that. Woke up at at 11 and my mom made me a good French bread sandwich. Left the hotel by noon and wished me mother good luck. Went to go buy a ticket for Blue Man and Stomp Out Loud. Stopped by the Blue Man store to see if they had anything new--which they did. Sean, the supervisor, then came up to me saying nothing, shook my hand, gave me a high five, pounded my fist and said whats up. Never saw him around but we talked for a long while...about 3 hours. Then I left to change and shower. I learned a little about how blue man works upstairs. Learned a couple things about some ex-workers. Sean really wants me to work for BMG. People came up to me instead of him [whom had the shirt, name tag, etc.] and asked about things. I was also helping him put things back to where they belonged. Cameron was playing Pink Floyd and had a little chat with a 60-year-old technician who just happened to have seen PF 4 or 5 times and has everything they've ever done. Cameron's a 19 year old kid who loves the Beatles and works for Blue Man. Sean and I felt left out. Anyway, performers and staff started trinkling in and I just left. Had a hot cup of Caramel Latte. Then I walked around the strip [as hot as it was] and stopped by the Love theatre. An old friend [holy shit!] was working at the time and allowed me to go in to get a sneak peek at them getting prepared for the show all the while catching up. I would like to see it the next time I'm up there. Then I came back to the Venetian and got to my seat but FOH people didn't bother helping me find my seat. They helped everyone else. Some lady came up to me telling me she was going to the bathroom, another came up and asked where Section 4 Row CC was.

The show Friday night was perfect. -Marty, Fox Hotworthy, Chad [Side note: he walked through the gift shop acting as if his camera were a fish swimming through, I nodded] were the Blues. [I think, that's what I think I was told] - The musicians were Charles [G], Matthew K[P1], Vince[DK], Richard[G/C], Thad[Z], Marcus[P3], and Corky[P2].

Shadow Drumming started off with a strong hit and everyone kept cheering..actually they kept cheering on during the whole show.

Paint Drumming had a lot of long staring and long awkward moments. They really stretched out those moments. The theatre vibrated from the laughter.

DNA screen- some adults were pointing out the obvious. I think you would know what the obvious is.

Opening Mandelbrot- I think some people have seen teh show before because before the BM had even pulled one out, someone shouted "give it to me!!!" And a lot of people raised their arms. The blue man was O.O. Threw like a crazy man.

During Marshmellow and Gumballs, I've never heard so many kids so loud, especially in that theatre. All the grown ups weren't so drunk and were actually enjoying. No paintballs or marshmellows were dropped. The spiral was a perfect one.

Technical difficulties led the band to keep on playing the music while stage people put up the posters. The BMs kept looking back, making it obvious some people were pushing up posters. It kind of looked like it was part of the show though. Good job! According to Matt K..."Keep the music going! There are some problems with the posters!" The music was improv'd and was majestic. Ok, not majestic but it was rockin'! I liked the rythm and everything.

Information Overload- There wasn't one.

Posters- I liked Right BM. He took a moment to stare at his posters while everyone else including Left and Center were waiting for him to push it down. The audience roared with laughter each time, especially with the naked mermaid and charlie angels.

Cap n Crunch- The blue men were good with timing. The cereal flew out into the audience. Again, the awkward moments were stretched. Practically no movement from them as they stared at the cereal-covered face and huge box. I wanted a cap n' crunch shake right then. I wish there was a Carls Jr. right upstairs.

Modern Plumbing- I didn't pay attention. Just sat there and stared. The audience enjoyed this bit.

Drumbone- They started out very fast. They slowed down but not so suddenly. Enough so that the song was still a certain length and was still enjoyable. Rock. I think I heard some tweaked parts.

Touch ups- I like this part but it gets so bright after they're done. The camera guy was steady, so that was surprising to me. People put up this poncho hoods.

Exploring the audience- They used my head and shook it side to side. His foot hit me. The girl in front of me grabbed his ass HARD. He did a good job of hiding his shock.

Toblerone- He missed one. Everyone groaned.

Feast picking, they chose a lady in her 30's lookin' hot for a club. I didn't like the way she dressed but she was a trooper. She jiggled, opened/ate the twinkies and a wee bit of the bananas. The BM did a double take with his vacuumed picture. The BMs actually let her do the vacuuming but they helped her vacuum the half twinkie/wrappers and the whole twinkie.

PVC IV- I wish they would bring back the little black towels. That was an interesting moment. It was so beautiful. The BMs moved along with the slow part and really exagerrated the middle part. I don't know how to explain that part but I think it was the "R-M-M-L" thing. Umm..yeah. I like how the band slowly comes in and it builds to this energetic feeling. I can never explain blue man! argh! It ended pretty perfectly.

Oh man, the "cutest among them" branched out and did the sexiest dance I've seen in Vegas. Lots of pelvis and ass involved.

I believe that tributes was next. This really had the audience going. The first song, everyone was "whoo!"'ing because it's a classical song. For Crazy Train, everyone did the "ai-ai-ai" thing so the BM didn't use the thingmajigg. A little snap of the towel for "Whip It" did it for the center BM.
06 June 2008 @ 02:03 am
Steve and Barry's is a great shopping place. I would totally buy my clothes there from now on...now...only if I can find guy's jeans size 32x28. I have too many girly jeans.

Indiana Jones and Forgetting Sarah Marshall are two very intersting movies to watch in one night.
04 June 2008 @ 02:47 pm
Little kids can be awesome sometimes..but they can cause so much pain! I think my nephew Hadrian just ripped half of my hair off.
31 May 2008 @ 03:41 am
Warning: Lots of babbling and ranting in between actual story.

I'm finally getting around to posting about my last trip to Las Vegas, NV. It's one of my favorite vacation spots. One reason could be because there's no trend to worry about and that you can predict the weather. It's either hot, perfect, or cold. Oh wait. I also like Las Vegas because it's the closest Blue Man Group venue I can travel to. It's expensive but it is so worth it.. for me, at least.

My geeky buddy Christine and her 2 friends, Kim and Sarah had arrived on Thursday, so I gave them a whole day to settle in. I arrived on Friday at around 7pm. I would've arrived sooner had I not taken that nap for an hour. I woke up too early that morning. Anyway, I told my mom I was leaving for Vegas the night before, which didn't really faze her or anything. I left at around 11:45ish and actually started racing up at around 12:30 after doing errands. I didn't run into that much traffic, just a few that stopped completely and a few that was going the single digits. Maybe that's how I made it with less than half a tank. A few car accidents. 1 incident with a car sandwich. About 20 feet in front of that accident, there was another huge love tap. Two hours later, 2 cars on each side of the center divider were totally smashed in so the cars looked like a "V". That's kind of hard to explain.

Last time Patty and I saw many things such as accidents, abandoned cars, ambulances, cops...it was a sure sign of what happened to us. I was sleeping and Patty was driving. She killed a coyote at 80mph [128kph]. In short, her lower bumper got ripped off and is being held on with a rope. And the car needed a new radiator. No more one night trips to Vegas anymore.

Anyway, took one pit stop at the Primm Chevron gas station. Took a 10-minute nap and a bathroom break. Traffic started around this time. Bothered Christine with phone calls when I was about an hour away. Arrived at TI [Treasure Island] and got lost looking for the lobby, but C-dawg found me. Went up to the rooms, showered and changed, and got Aero candies! Met Kim and Sarah, only mixing up their names for the night. They're good people. :)

Christine and I headed out to the show and it was a bit windy on the way. Our hairs were kind of not the way we had styled it. Haha. Got to the Venetian hotel and headed straight to the bathrooms. Got to the Blue Man theatre and there was a line that was a 15-minute wait. Got my ticket in time for pre-show and sat in Orchestra Row N, Seat 65. An OK seat. I was able to see the band loft with strings fine but it was a little difficult seeing 2 of the other percussion kits. It's easy to identify band members just by the way they play and by their hair. People next to me were formally dressed and I didn't think they needed to talk to a youngster. The guy on my left laughed a lot, the lady on my right yawned a lot, the kid behind me was being annoying a lot. The show was eh, I'd give it a 7.5/10 for improv. I blame it on Production being there that night. The Twinkie Girl was the worst "volunteer" I've seen. She barely participated. She would've ran off if she wasn't held down by her vest. Klein was awesome as usual, very loud. PVC IV was enchanting. Paper Finale was fun, I got drowned a lot though. I kind of head bobbed with the blue man as he was running up and down the aisle, so that was fun. Meet-n-Greet was the best. The band members were: Billy, Matty K., Ben, Andy, Charles, Thaddeus, and Marcus. I talked to Matty K. a lot and he was the one who gave Christine and I special treatment. I forgave him for mistaking me for being from Canada for the third time. He took us down [very quickly] to the rehearsal room downstairs. It was HEAVEN. I mean, so many drums and cymbals and the zither was sitting right there. The PVCs were standing right there. Matthew had two pairs of sticks ready in their Vic Firth stickholder thing and he didn't give it to us. He's kind of..out there.. I will post pictures later when I get them on Photobucket. Not much to see though. They are Christine's pictures, not mine. Hope he didn't get in trouble for throwing the shaker, eh Christine? So that was our night. We also took pictures of some stuff that weren't really our business. Hehe. We met Kim and Sarah at Planet Hollywood and ate at the cafe. The potato skins were good and our waiter was very welcoming. I wish potatoes didn't make me so gassy. The cocktails Kim and Sarah got didn't look very appetizing. Especially after one of them choked on a mint leaf. Maybe that was Kim? After that, we took a walk back to TI and got ready for bed. Christine and I stayed up watching TV and just going over what had happened to two of Blue Man's fans. We had the chance to do something not many other fans get to do. Maybe friends and family...definitely not fans. I guess they trust us enough. We stayed up till 4, it was just so hard to go to sleep.

Saturday, we woke up and I took them out for a drive to Target. There aren't any Targets in Canada, so it was a good shopping trip for them. I bought a couple things myself like snacks, water, Vitamin water, and iced tea. We made fun of MK [BMG band member on tour] for wearing so much eyeliner. "Maybe I can go shopping for eyeliner with MK." Haha. Got done and drove down south to Mandalay Bay. Looked around a little and went to go eat at the Burger Bar. I work at In-N-Out so that's kind "eck". The meat was huge, though. It was pretty good but that's just a lotta burgers, yenno? That was my breakfast, lunch and dinner. We then headed back to TI to get ready for the shows for that night. They dressed nicely, I wore black dickies pants, black polo and a white 3/4 sleeves shirt underneath. Very different. My shoes were black and white, also. :D The old girlies said I could look like FOH [Front of House] We caught a taxi to Planet Hollywood and went to go pick up our tickets at Stomp Out Loud. That show was amazing. So much percussion but no drums. It's just everyday appliances. Lots of dust and water but it didn't bother me. I wouldn't sit front row again though. I was too tempted to go up and start flickering my lighter with the beat. I love that show, I would go back again. And again. One of the girls saw me drumming along and gave me a good stare down. Too bad they didn't have a meet-n-greet afterwards. It would've been awesome to meet these talented performers. Even though they have been playing for many many years with Stomp, they keep it so fresh by improv-ing and communicating with their bodies and grunts. It looked like so much fun to be up there. But also very icky with all their sweat. Hehe. Time to head over to the Venetian for our 10pm BMG show. Long line of people going in..Christine and I just stood outside of the theatre waiting for the show to start. We went inside the store and got our Roofdwellers gift. Our RD lapel pin. It's on my backpack now. The first retailer knew what we were talking about. The second guy though...he was such a n00b. He had no idea what Roofdwellers was. Or where the lapel pins were. I had to show him it was under the counter. [Should I be working there?] Anyway...our show was frickin' awesome! [Except for the old couple that passed out, they were snoring so loud] We sat in the last row of Ponchos a seat or two to the right of center. It started out strong. Blue man almost forgot to flip the canvas for Paint Drumming. BM missed two yellow paintballs. Never saw that. When the blue man climbed the seats, he used my head and pushed down very very hard. Not as hard as it was at the 2nd to last fan meet show. But it still hurt my neck. He tried waking up the couple behind us but they wouldn't budge. So he took the man's hat and put it on his wife's head. Everyone laughed. The guy to my left was very enthusiastic until the middle. I think he started getting very tired. I don't remember much of this show anymore. Went to meet-n-greet and talked to Vince. He's the first person to tell me what actually goes on in an eye lasik surgery..not even my sister told me when she got her eyes done! Babbled on...then he took us to the stage. Took a mini mini mini tour and did a couple of things in a very limited amount of time...err..I'm not sure if that was a limited amount of time? I mean...3 hours might've been too short for me. It was probably limited because our tour guide only had 3 hours of sleep the night before and had to perform a double show. Haha. Poor guy. Christine and I got our sticks..but they're not from teh same performer. Boo. They're still valuable though so it's all good. Went back to the hotel after a little of hanging out in front of the theatre and again stayed up to go over our day.

I really knocked out because I woke up at 1 the next day. If the girls hadnt come back from their swim, I probably would have been still sleeping. They showered, then I showered and packed up. I was very sad and didn't want to leave. Besides the time Christian and Emily came with me to Vegas, this is the first time I actually hung out with everybody in the room that I stayed with. If that makes sense...

Almost fell asleep on teh way home. Made it La Jolla to stop by the guys' apartment and stayed for a little.

And that's pretty much the end of my Vegas journey.

I am very much looking forward to my next trip and a couple of people up there are excited about my arrival in June, as they haven't seen me since 2006.